Dear Body


This post is in response to Katie (of FatGirl, PHD) call to write a letter to your body. I read hers and I felt that I needed to do it. To start to learn to love my body and accept it for what it is . . . mine.

Dear Body,

I have three things to say; thank you and I’m sorry and we’re awesome!

Thank you body, it’s not something I say enough, or even at all some times. But seriously, you and me, we’ve got through 26 glorious years together, and not all of them have been easy, but you know what . . . we’re still going strong, maybe even stronger than we think (OK, than I think!). We’ve had our ups (remember when you let me skate a marathon?) and we’ve had our downs (you remember that broken coccyx?), we’ve been through really rough patches (remember all the times in hospital?) and we’ve been through insanely happy patches (remember when we laid on the beach and watched the stars?). But throughout all of those, you’ve not given up on me body, you’ve groaned, you’ve told me to ease off and you’ve warned me when you felt like giving up, but you’re still here. You and me, we make a pretty good pair and I don’t say thank you enough and I definitely don’t appreciate you enough. So here’s a big fat thank you, I couldn’t do it without you!

I’m sorry, for not appreciating everything you do for me and for not stopping to see just how much you mean to me. I’m sorry for pumping you full of crap, I’m sorry for letting you get this far. I’m sorry for not treating you like the body you deserve to be treated like. I’m sorry for putting too much stress and strain on you. I’m sorry for not listening to you when you tell me I’m doing something wrong, or when you tell me that really all we need is a couple of days down time. I’m sorry for breaking you so often and putting you through various operations and procedures. Most of all though, I’m sorry that it’s taken 26 years for me to work out that I need to do something about this, I’m sorry that I’ve put you through years of yo-yo dieting and quick fixes and not worked out that all I need is a healthier lifestyle years ago!

But you know what, you and me, we’re awesome, and all that awesomeness, that deserves to be shouted from the rooftops. So from now on I’m going to stop with the negative words and the negative thoughts. I’m going to celebrate you and revel in how you change, adapt and thrive, even when I don’t pay attention to you! I’m going to focus on you, because you deserve some “me” time and you deserve to have the best. I’m going to stop putting all the crap in you (apart from birthdays and Christmas and Easter and when I just have to have chocolate!), I’m going to start giving you some regular exercise, some 6am swims and 6pm tap dance classes, I’m going to start listening to you when you tell me I need a break. But most of all, I’m going to tell everyone how awesome you are, because I know that when we work together we can be awesome together!

So here’s to a new beginning, to healthier changes, both physically and mentally. Here’s the deal body; I’ll appreciate you more and look after you more and all you have to do let me know that you’re hearing my tries. I think that’s a fair deal and next time we have this little chat . . . maybe we’ll have some different words to say. We’ll have different goals and we’ll have different times to reflect back on. So let’s kick some arse and start loving each other!

I love you body and I always will.

Laura xx

My Details – how I’m tackling the daily prompts

Thank you so much for the comments to my previous post on the My Details Blog Hop. I had so much with the bonus prompt and it seems that you all enjoyed it too! Which got me thinking, how am I going to document the daily prompts (which we’re on day three today!)?

I was originally planning to write a blog post for each prompt but I soon changed my mind. Instead I’m posting a photo on Instagram (@macgirl87) with a quick ‘in the moment’ take on the prompt and then I’m going to a mindmap for each prompt when I have a bit more time. I’m hoping to put all the mindmaps in a book/album, either digitally or print them out and stick them in an album so I’ll have a collection of me, at this point in time. It would be so fun to revisit them in a years time to see how I’ve changed . . .

So, these are my first two days of prompts, watching and quotes:


I’m making a more conscious effort to take more photos of my viewpoint at roller derby games, this is what I usually end up watching on game day.


I wear this bracelet every day, it has a quote on ‘your thoughts build your life’ and is for my one little word which is BUILD

Are you taking part in the My Details Class? If so how are you interpreting the prompts, I’d love for you to share!

My Details Class Blog Hop


Welcome to the My Details blog hop, I am so excited to be part of this blog hop and part of the class. This class is aimed to help you document those details that you sometime miss about you and your life. I’ve had a chance to take a look at the pre-class material and I can’t wait to get started! Here’s a bit more info about the class from Megan (from The Nerd Nest) and Kristin (from rukristin) who are running the class.

“Our stories are so important but all too often the details of our lives go unrecorded. My Details is all about documenting yourself (past or present) and capturing the details that may otherwise slip through the cracks.
Our goal is to help you record the details of your own story, so we’ve packed this class with a TON of great content. This pre-classroom is full of tips that will help you get comfortable documenting yourself and over the course of the workshop we’ll share 10 in-depth prompts to help you record your details.”

I’m really looking forward to this class getting going. I’m finding I’m getting in a rut with my memory keeping and although I take a lot of pictures and document a lot via Instagram and Facebook but I know I need some more focus. I’m hoping that this class will help me get back in to documenting those things that are important to me and means I will have some awesome memories to look back on. I’m still working out how to document those 10 prompts but I’m sure I’ll work something out.


I was asked to take part in this blog hop and the prompt is “thinking“, it could be interpreted in any way we wanted. As soon as Megan sent me the prompt I knew what I wanted to do. I sat in my office with my iPad and brainstormed what I was thinking about in those 10 minutes, the result was a mindmap which took a little bit of formatting before it was readable to anyone but me! I had been wanting to make a traditional scrapbook layout for ages, I have never done one before, I came straight into scrapbooking with Project Life, and this was the push I needed to do just that.


I pulled out some bits from an old Studio Calico kit box and some washi tape and paint and got to it. I decided to go with an A4 (8.5 x 11) size and I printed the mindmap onto some transparency (which is still drying two days later!). I painted a thin and rough layer of white pain onto the background where the map was going to go so it was easier to read and then stapled it down. I found these awesome letter paperclips at my local supermarket and they seem to work perfectly. I finished the page off with a bit of washi tape, some spray ink in the bottom corners and the date and I called it finished. I enjoyed this so much and got a bit too excited over it.

Upon registering for the class, you’ll have immediate access to pre-classroom materials, which includes:

  • 10 posts waiting for you in a self-paced format to aid you in preparing for the prompts
  • Bonus posts before class starts
  • Introduction to the class concept and instructors
  • Ideas for different methods of tackling the class prompts with blogging, mini books, pocket albums, and traditional scrapbooking pages to help you decide how you’d like to contain your details
  • Access to the private My Details Facebook Community
  • Instructions on how to participate with the class community via Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and comments
  • Tips for taking better selfies
  • Tips for writing about yourself
  • Tips for remembering past details
  • Tips for translating the prompts to document others
  • Exclusive Giveaway of a 3-Month Subscription (April/May/June) to the Freckled Fawn OhDeerMe Embellishment Kit (Giveaway closes April 7)
  • Exclusive discount to Freckled Fawn’s Online Embellishment Shop
  • Links to resources from instructor blog archives

Beginning April 14, you’ll have access to:

  • A new prompt each weekday over the duration of the class–10 in all
  • Detailed suggestions for interpretations of each prompt, making each prompt something you can return to for inspiration again and again
  • Two interpretations of each prompt from each instructor
  • 40+ exclusive takes on the prompts from instructors Megan and Kristin
  • Design and documentation tips with each project
  • Saturday Share days in which inspiration from the community members is shared
  • Supply lists with links to resources used in the workshop examples
  • E-mail access to instructors
  • Access to classroom indefinitely

Visit the other awesome people taking part in the blog hop:

Day in the Life – February 2014

This year I’m playing along with Ali Edwards Day in the Life, taking photos and documenting my life, one day each month. Megan from the Nerd Nest is dedicating the 15th of each month to playing along and I’m joining in. Here is my day on Saturday 15th February 2014.

We had a really bad storm the night before so we didn’t get much sleep. I was up at 6am outside assessing the damage by the wind, as you can see, our fence didn’t survive! Luckily it was only one panel and we managed to revive that the next day.

Our Saturday morning routine is an early morning food shop, but as we didn’t sleep well we had a lay in, or at least the Mr did, I couldn’t sleep. Which meant some early morning Project Life photo editing and my Greys Anatomy DVDs.

The Mr eventually woke up and we did our food shop, which meant that our fridge was fully stocked, I found a lovely little grocers round the corner that does fresh fruit and veg so we didn’t get any at the supermarket. And yes, those are donuts and chocolate muffins, we allow ourselves one treat each when we go round the shop.

We had a few errands to run so we headed into town, mainly to go and sort out a huge mixup with the bank but we also picked up a few things whilst we were in town.

Lunch was leftover pizza from the night before, not terribly original, but it was quick and easy as we were heading out the door to the cinema to see the new Lego Movie. Yes, I am 26 years old, and yes, it is the Lego Movie aimed at little kiddos, but you know what, there’s a fair amount of adult humour in there and it was such a good film!

After the cinema there was only really one shop we HAD to visit, and of course I HAD to purchase some Lego Movie key rings (Wyldstyle) and a new Wonder Woman keyring as mine no longer has a face or torso it is that scratched up!

It was about 7pm when we got home so we opted for a chinese takeaway whilst watching a movie (Fast and Furious 6) and then as we didn’t sleep well due to the storm the night before we had an early night.

That was our Saturday, not a hugely eventful one, but we like it that way. Too often my Saturdays are taken up with roller derby so it was nice to just spend a day with the Mr, get some things done, have some chill time and re-charge.

If you’re playing along with Day in the Life I’d love to see what your day looks like, leave me a comment :)

Around Here – January 2014

I was inspired by Ali’s post, I really like these little posts about what is going on right now, in the present.

Around here – I’m looking forward to getting my new car this weekend. I’ve outgrown my little Ka and looking forward to finally get a 5dr Fiesta, it’s going to be really useful when we do road trips for roller derby with friends.

Around here – I’m on a Greys Anatomy marathon at the moment. I got the season 8 DVDs for Christmas and then brought myself season 6 and 7 to catch up. Since New Year I have re-watched all season 5 and 6 DVDs and I’m about 10 episodes into season 7 now.

Around here – The Mr and I are getting into a new routine with him working late, me leaving work on time and having most of the evening to myself to do stuff round the house so when he gets home it really is quality time between the two of us.

Around here – I’m looking forward to putting together my first monthly Project Life spread of 2014. I’m in the middle of working out a process that will work for me in the best way. I’m also loving getting creative with my One Little Word prompts and adding in little extras that are helping me through the process.

Around here – I’ve made some pretty big lifestyle changes the past few weeks, to start me on the road to becoming more healthy and although I’m finding them a struggle I am really start to feel the benefits from them.

Around here – I’m spending way more time than I’d like at my computer/laptop/iPad doing roller derby admin. I’m trying to work out a schedule of when to do it but I really can’t do it as some of the stuff is urgent that needs to be dealt with. Any advice on this would be greatly received….

Around here – I really want to get out and take in more nature but the weather is so wet and miserable at the moment, large parts of the UK are flooded, the worst in over 100 years. I’m looking forward to the rain finally lifting so I can get outside more.

January goals and intentions

Part of choosing BUILD as my One Little Word was setting some monthly intentions and actions. My intention for January is to ‘build hopes and dreams’, that’s a pretty big statement right there!

I started off by writing my list of hopes and dreams and then working out some of the smaller steps I need to take to get there. Let me say it now, my hopes and dreams, they’re pretty amazing, but I guess that’s the same for most people right? These are the smaller goals that I want to achieve by the end of the month to help me on my way to reach my bigger goals. Some of them I’m already well into, others I’m struggling with, but these are never meant to be easy…

  • Stick to a monthly budget
  • Include more fruit and veg in our diet
  • Make a 3-5 year plan for the house
  • Plan out derby bouts for the year

I have some other more personal ones but these are the main ones for the month. I kept them small and simple so they were SMART and half way into the month I’m doing well.

How do you plan out your goals and intentions for the month?

Our biggest change of 2013 – a new house

I was reminded this week (thanks Kam!) that I haven’t really posted much about our BIGGEST change that happened last year … we bought a house! Not just a house, we took the risk and bought a repossessed house, meaning that we could have lost a fair amount of money in the process.

Here in the UK if a house is repossessed then it goes on the market and the bank are legally obliged to get the highest price possible. Meaning that although we put an offer in, had it accepted and started all the legalities of buying a house it remained on the market. Someone could have come in the day before we exchanged with a higher price and the bank would have to have accepted the offer, loosing us thousands of pounds in legal fees unless we entered into a bidding war and won. It was a risk which worried me, but the Mr and I fell in love with this house, even in it’s neglected state and we decided (against our parents advice!) that it was a risk worth taking. I am so glad that we made this decision, 8 months down the line and this house feels like ours, it feels like we were supposed to end up here. We were lucky in that no-one came in with a higher bid and although we got it for a really good price we have had to spend a fair amount on fixing unexpected things.

Here’s some photos of how the house looked the day that we got the keys last April, it looks somewhat different now. We haven’t done any decorating yet, we’ve had to take the time to make it liveable, to fix the appliances that were broken. We decided that the cosmetic aspects could wait, we wanted to get the foundations correct first, and I’m happy we made that decision.

I love having a conservatory (and yes those towles were there because half the roof was open to the elements when we bought it!), we spend summer nights with family in there and winter nights with candles lit talking with friends. Our kitchen – it’s red, like seriously red, even the ceiling is red! I’m hoping that will change this year, if not then early next year. The stairs, wow, there’s this huge wall space, which has a floor to ceiling mirror which I adore and room to make a little gallery next to it, which is in planning at the moment! The garden, it’s a clean slate and one of my main projects this year is to landscape it and make it into a little manageable garden that is both functional and pretty.

Are you tackling any big house projects this year? I’d love to hear what you’re tackling this year.

Build Monthly Intentions

As part of choosing BUILD as my One Little Word for 2014 I have come up with a number of intentions and actions that I want to see happen over the course of the year. I have come up with 12 intentions and assigned them to months throughout the year. I did this last year and I didn’t get very far, life took many unexpected turns and they fell off my radar. I decided to try again, I write a lot of intentions down and picked 12 that I want to work on on a monthly basis.

My plan is to blog about these and I’m going to make some small monthly goals to help keep me on track. I’m hoping that by blogging about them and talking about them it will make me more accountable and also help me think about my word more.

  • January – Build hopes and dreams
  • February – Build a community
  • March – Build relationships
  • April – Build a home
  • May – Build strength 
  • June – Build a habit 
  • July – Build a family 
  • August – Build something new 
  • September – Build Knowledge 
  • October – Build confidence
  • November – Build savings
  • December – Build trust

Are you doing One Little Word – if so have you assigned intentions to months like this, do you find it helps you?

One Little Word reflection and future

In 2013 I chose ‘change’ as my one little word, it was my first time doing it and I have mixed feelings about it. Yes 2013 was full of changes, but I don’t feel that my word really penetrated my life, my decisions and my year as a whole. I don’t feel that ‘change’ really helped me make decisions and had a huge influence in 2013, it was a tricky word to work with.

I debated what I was going to do in 2014 and one word kept coming back to me. A word that could be interpreted in so many ways and a word that really represents what I want 2014 to be for me. A word that I think will stick with me in my decisions and my year more so than ‘change’ did in 2013. This word is BUILD.

In 2014 I want to build, both physically, mentally, emotionally and in terms of relationships. I want to build my knowledge, look for the little changes to make things better, to really be open to all the possibilities and to search for the right choices for me.

I’m going to be making some monthly commitments to help me with my word. I’m using a mixture of Elise’s ‘I choose’ workshop and taking inspiration from some of my bloggers. Both Megan and Kam really put their words into action in 2013 with monthly interactions and actions, this is something that I found so interesting and I’m hoping to do something similar for 2014. Each week I am going to recap on one thing that has helped me build in that week.

I’m looking forward to a new year and a new word, how about you?

Going on right now


I’m spending the week in London on a training course, the hotel and training venue are right on Tower Bridge so I’ve been going for a wander during the evenings. It is such a beautiful city, even the very built up parts, looking out from Tower Bridge with the Tower of London in front and the sky scrapers behind, breath taking!

I’m heading down the river tomorrow evening to talk a walk down Embankment. I spent some time this evening sitting, people watching reading my book, a bit of peace and calm in this crazy busy city.

I apologise if the formatting of this post is a bit wonky, it’s my first time posting from the iPad app!